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Re: posting news


> I'm using leafnode 1.8.1. I got a newsfeed to whom I can post, but a post to
> belwue.test will not be delivered. Any hints?

First of all, postings are only delivered to your local server when you
call fetch. The delivery works by sending the posting to the upstream
server and re-fetching it back from there. The reason for this seemingly
complicated way of doing it is that the nntpd currently has no idea how
to sort postings into a newsspool. This is also the main reason why
leafnode currently does not support local newsgroups.

Second, if you suck news from several news servers it may be that you
cannot post to certain groups because you can get these groups only from
read-only news servers. For example, I can see belwue.test on
news.belwue.de, but I cannot post there.

If this is not the cause of your problem, I would appreciate it if you
could provide me with a copy of your debug file (switch on debugging
as described in the README).

Hope that helps,

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