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Re: maxfetch question

Michael Doering wrote:

> If there are more postings available than allowed in maxfetch=xxx fetch
> ignores postings.
> Will these postings be ignored forever, or will they be fetched later?

No, they will be ignored, because fetch stores the number of the last
posting fetched in /var/spool/news/leaf.node/name.of.your.server and
has no other fast means to find out which articles have already been
retrieved from the upstream server.

Personally, I would strongly advise against the use of maxfetch. If
you want to follow a newsgroup, it makes (in my opinion) absolutely no
sense to stop fetching news after a certain amount of articles. I
can only see two reasons for using maxfetch:

1) The group you use is swamped with spam. Instead of using maxfetch,
   try to adjust your filterfile accordingly.
2) You are afraid of fetching too many articles when you start reading
   a new newsgroup. Use initialfetch instead of maxfetch.


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