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Re: A Few Questions

Jeff Grossman wrote:

> 1.  Where do I put this config file that I created?  Plus, what do I call
> it?

/usr/lib/leafnode/config . (As I understand the File System Standard, it
might be necessary to switch to /etc/leafnode.config instead since all
config files are apparently stored in /etc . This has already been
suggested to me several times.)

> 2.  I noticed there was a line in the config.example that talks about a free
> open server.  I only want to allow users that are on my system to access the
> news server.  And who are connected to the server locally.  How do I set
> that up?

The access to your news server is free for everybody unless you block
it. Leafnode itself does not contain a blocking mechanism because Arnt
Gulbrandsen believed (and I do so as well) that this can be better
achieved using dedicated tools. I recommend the tcp wrappers.

If you run some kind of Linux, the tcp wrappers are already installed.
In this case, if you only want users to access news who are connected
locally (i.e. on the server machine), you put into /etc/hosts.deny

leafnode: ALL

which means nobody has access to leafnode except the IP numbers or
names that you now put into /etc/hosts.allow. For example, if you
now put into /etc/hosts.allow


only people on the localhost will be able to read news from your server.
See also man 5 hosts_access, man 5 hosts_options . The INSTALL for
leafnode also contains a short paragraph on how to set up tcp wrappers.

> 3.  I have never set up cron before.  I need a little help.  I added the
> line:
> 0 4 * * * /usr/local/sbin/texpire
> to the cron file.  But it talks about adding fetch there also.  I have a
> full time connection and want Fetch to run at least every hour, but would
> prefer more often.  How do I set something like that up?

man 5 crontab

20 * * * * /usr/local/sbin/fetch 

will run fetch every 20 minutes past the hour. If you think you need to
run it more frequently, you probably should also think of migrating to
another server. (I run fetch every second hour during daytime locally,
i.e. only on the first server, and once a night through all servers.)


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