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coredumps when posting to supplemental servers??

I currently have the problem that fetch coredumps after connecting to
the supplemental server. This happens if there are outgoing messages
waiting, but apparently not always, as I have already successfully posted
messages. (I have applied the patch for 1.8.1).

(gdb) run -n -vvv
Starting program: /home/ratzka/tools/Offline/leafnode/leafnode-1.8.1/fetch -n -v
Removing stale lockfile.
1.8.1: verbosity level is 3
Read active groups every 90 days
Don't automatically unsubscribe unread newsgroups.
Trying to connect to news.uni-marburg.de ... connected.
Posting 362-917806437-1...
 - OK
LIST ACTIVE done 10148 seconds ago, issuing NEWGROUPS
Read server info from /var/spool/news/leaf.node/news.uni-marburg.de
Marburg.linux: no new articles
stardivision.de.test: no new articles
Marburg.uni.hrz: no new articles
Marburg.nt: no new articles
Marburg.test: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.starbase: no new articles
Marburg.uni.hrz.neues: no new articles
ger.ct: no new articles
comp.infosystems.www.browsers.x: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.misc: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.starbasic: no new articles
Marburg.uni.biologie: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.starcalc: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.stardesktop: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.stardiscussion: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.starmail: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.starwriter-web: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.starwriter: no new articles
Marburg.uni.informatik.neuigkeiten: no new articles
stardivision.de.support.installation: no new articles
Marburg.veranstaltungen: no new articles
Disconnected from news.uni-marburg.de.
Trying to connect to starnews.stardivision.de ... connected.

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x40080abe in free ()
(gdb) where
#0  0x40080abe in free ()
#1  0x40091c9c in __shtab ()

Wolfgang Ratzka (per Modem von zu Hause)
[WARNING: I can read mail headers and I complain to spammer's postmasters!]

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