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Re: Problem

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

> I seem to be having a problem.  Below is the error message that I keep
> getting now.  Something is screwed up with my login I think.  I am also
> having a problem with mail.
> [jeff@apple jeff]$ tin -r
> tin 1.2 PL2 [UNIX] (c) Copyright 1991-93 Iain Lea.
> Connecting to
> stuff_nntp: can't open /tmp/tin_nntpa00356: : Permission denied

This is an error message of tin. Apparently you are not allowed to
write to your /tmp/ directory; check out the permissions and try again.

Also, your version of tin is horribly outdated. You might want to
upgrade to tin 1.4, available from ftp.tin.org .


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