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Re: Two More Problems

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:

> I am also getting the following two errors.  These are in my messages file:
> 1.  Jan 31 19:04:18 apple leafnode[4452]: config: server is news.swbell.net
> Jan 31 19:04:18 apple leafnode[4452]: config: server is msnews.microsoft.com

This is normal ...

> Jan 31 19:04:18 apple leafnode[4452]: Groupinfo file possibly truncated or
> damaged: -h 0 1 0 -x-

.. but this is not. Apparently your groupinfo file is corrupted. Leafnode
prints the line which it thinks is damaged. In your case, it appears that
one of your newsgroups starts with - which is, as far as I know, not allowed.

You can either try to repair your groupinfo file manually, or get an
entirely new groupinfo file by calling "fetch -f". This will also fix
your problem with group descriptions.

> 2.  Jan 31 16:56:07 apple leafnode[4041]: illegal article:
> /var/spool/news/comp/mail/pine/87

[more similar messages snipped]

I would definitely interested to see some of those. Unfortunately
leafnode up to 1.8.1 usually deletes those files immediately. They do
not contain any proper information, and I don't know how they are


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