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Re: Two More Problems

Jeff Grossman (jeff@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Cornelius Krasel wrote:

[leafnode complains about illegal articles]

> > Leafnode cannot extract any sensible information out of the file so it
> > will delete it. Usually the message means the file is either corrupted
> > or empty. You should try to investigate whether you get these empty
> > files from your upstream server or whether you have a corrupted news
> > spool. I have not seen this message in months. (That's why I am so
> > interested in it.)
> How would I go about investigating this problem?  I have run the fetch -f
> command numerous times, but I still get these errors.  I get at least 3-4 of
> these a day now.  How would I know where the problem lies?

All versions of Leafnode that I know try to get rid of offending articles
by immediately deleting them. To find out what leafnode does not like
about the article, you first would have to tell it to not delete these
any more. This can only be achieved by changing the source code.

In xoverutil.c you will find the following lines:

                    getcwd( s, 1024 );
                    syslog( LOG_NOTICE, "illegal article: %s/%s: %m",
                            s, de->d_name );
                    (void) unlink( de->d_name );

Change it to the following (i.e. add the two lines starting with /* and
*/, respectively):

                    getcwd( s, 1024 );
                    syslog( LOG_NOTICE, "illegal article: %s/%s: %m",
                            s, de->d_name );
/* Don't unlink offending articles any more
                    (void) unlink( de->d_name );

Now leafnode will not delete the articles any more, therefore you can
have a look at them with any tool ("more" or "less" spring to mind).
I would also appreciate a copy of an offending article to find out
what is the culprit.


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