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Re: Excessive use of memory.

Giulio <giuliox@xxxxxx> wrote:
> Linux 2.0.33 64MB mem, 128 swap, leafnode 1.8.
> For about a month leafnode worked ok.
> Then it started sucking up resources in the final stage of a download (when
> rewriting overview files).
> Swap goes from 0 to 70MB and more.
> Any idea?

This could be due to gaps in the numbering of articles. When you have
two articles in a group numbered 5 and 138429, leafnode will try to
allocate an array of (138429-5+1) elements. (The same problem is also
present in texpire.)

There is no obvious solution to this. One thing you could try is to
renumber the articles which definitely doesn't sound like fun.


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