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Re: handling of low-traffic groups

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Also sprach Cornelius Krasel (in <36B47EAD.BeroList-2.5.2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>):
> [sorry for the German; I was under the impression that Wolfgang's email
>  came not from the list :-/ . Here comes the English translation.]
> wolfgang.ratzka@xxxxxx wrote:
> > Does leafnode include any special handling for newsgroups
> > that are not read because there are no new messages in it?
> So far, there is no difference between low- and high-traffic newsgroups.
> It is possible to avoid automatic unsubscribing in general by calling
> fetch with the -n parameter, but it is not possible (yet) to limit
> automatic unsubscribing to certain newsgroups.

Hm. What about the following patch:

diff -u -r1.1 fetch.c
--- fetch.c     1999/02/03 22:13:09     1.1
+++ fetch.c     1999/02/03 22:19:07
@@ -474,9 +474,8 @@
     if ( stat( s, &st ) )
        return last; /* race condition: I hope this is proper */

-    if ( noexpire == 0 ) {
-       if ( ((st.st_mtime==st.st_ctime) && (now-st.st_ctime > TIMEOUT_SHORT) &&
-            (server <= last) )
+    if ( (noexpire == 0) && (server <= last) ) {
+       if ( ((st.st_mtime==st.st_ctime) && (now-st.st_ctime > TIMEOUT_SHORT))
             || (now-st.st_mtime > TIMEOUT_LONG) ) {
            if ( verbose > 1 )
                printf("skipping %s from now on\n", g->name);

If I analyzed it right, it should only unsubscribe now if it actually
fetches some articles. The downside of this is that it will not unsubscibe
an empty newsgroup you stopped reading until it gets a new article in it.
The other side is that it will still stop low traffic newsgroups from the
moment it receives an article until you next read it. But that is enough
for me.

For another matter: would it be possible to merge efforts back with
leafnode+? It has about the same patch (as I noticed after writing


Neulich in detebe:
>... und ewig loggt das Weib?

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