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Progress report 1.9 beta

I am pleased to say that apparently 1.9 beta runs fairly well in most
places. However, I've got some complaints which I personally cannot

1) In some places, 1.9 beta apparently unsubscribes people randomly
   from lists. So far, I could not reproduce this locally.

2) I still don't know whether 1.9 beta works reliably with Netscape :-)
   It works for me using Netscape 3.0x from my Linux box or Netscape 4.5
   from a Mac, but some people seem to have problems. However, Netscape
   3.0x sometimes apparently opens more than one NNTP connection to a port
   which is not the way leafnode should be used.

3) For some very odd reason, the Debug logs I get are sometimes less than
   complete. Especially the incoming commands are often not logged. I
   cannot reproduce this either.

For these reasons, I am yet somewhat reluctant to release 1.9 as final.


/* Cornelius Krasel, U Wuerzburg, Dept. of Pharmacology, Versbacher Str. 9 */
/* D-97078 Wuerzburg, Germany   email: phak004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  SP4 */
/* "Science is the game we play with God to find out what His rules are."  */

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