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Re: 1.8.1 won't send out.going

] Do you happen to have some error messages in your logfile (that's
] /var/log/messages in most of the cases) ? Have you tried to run fetch
] in debug mode? Maybe the file is already on the upstream server.

	Full debugging, full logging: no messages about the out.going at
all.  Neither failure nor success.  And I have confirmed that the upstream
side never got it.  In fact I tried another newsgroup, changed file
permissions on the out.going files, still nothing.  In fact I just
reply-posted, having fogotten it isn't working yet!  3 in the queue...

	I guess there's nothing for it but to learn my debugger and have a
go at tracing the code.  [sigh] My guess is that the code either doesn't
'see' the out.going files, or that code isn't run.  Idea!  I could do it
the old easy way and put lots of printf statements in the code!
In case it matters:  Debian 2.0 Linux on a i486/overdrive, dialup PPP
link, server requires authentication for sending or receiving posts (I
contributed the code patch back with v1.5)

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