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Fetch process hangup watcher script ??

hey gang,

one problem I have running leafnode on my Linux box at home is with my
dynamic PPP dialup I use.  When ever fetch is retreiving groups, and my
PPP connection goes down, the process hangs up and just sits there, and
does not go away.  Well, sometimes it does seem to go away, other times
it does not.  I wrote a simple shell script that checks for the lockfile
when the process does NOT exist, and deletes the lock file so the next
time my cron invokes fetch, fetch will run  (and not abort because the
lock file exists).  That helped somewhat, but I still having trouble with
when my PPP connection goes down, and then automatically redials  back up
the fetch process can sit there for a couple of days, and no groups get

I was thinking about writing a script that watches the fetch process to
see if it is older than say 6 hours or 12 hours old, then just kill it,
but it would be a bit involved, and... does anybody here have something
like that written up already??? 

If not than I will hack one up and post to the list if anyone else is
having this problem.  

Thanks in Advance 

Stefan in Boston

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