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Re: Fetch process hangup watcher script ??

Arne Wichmann wrote:
> Also sprach Cornelius Krasel (in <36C935EB.BeroList-2.5.2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>):

[SIGINT makes fetch tidy up]

> Should not SIGHUP be handled similarly?

Probably :-)

> > getaline() contains a timer somewhere but I haven't really investigated
> > why it is not working correctly.
> Hm. In 1.6.2 it seems not to be present, though that does not mean much. (I
> did not get around to fetch a newer version yet...)

I noticed that I took the timer out at some point. It was set to 4 hours,
so probably not really helpful anyway :-(

I am not much into programming timers yet, but bear with me ...


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