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Re: Where is 'interesting' timeout?

On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, David Given wrote:
] timeout_long, isn't it? (Second from the bottom of the config file, just above 
] debugmode.)

	I'm not sure what version you're using, but 1.8.1 doesn't have it
in the config file.

	Ah!  I see reference to TIMEOUT_LONG and TIMEOUT_SHORT in
leafnode.h and fetch.c, and indirectly in the man page.  leafnode.h says
they're for "threads", but the man page and fetch.c suggest they're for

        if ( ((st.st_mtime==st.st_ctime) && (now-st.st_ctime > TIMEOUT_SHORT) &&
             (server <= last) )
             || (now-st.st_mtime > TIMEOUT_LONG) ) {
            if ( verbose > 1 )
                printf("skipping %s from now on\n", g->name);
            syslog( LOG_INFO, "skip %s: %d, %d", g->name, server, last );
            return server ;
          printf("Unsubscribe unread groups after %d days\n",
          printf("Unsubscribe groups that have been read once after %d\ days\n"

	Now, the man page talks about the "expire = 5" in the config file,
and says it is for threads.  ...Hmm, examining the code configutil.c I
can't tell exactly what "expire" does.  And "fetch -vvvvv" doesn't show my
expire value...

	"groupexpire" looks like what I want, but must be specified for
every group.  I also saw the 'noexpire = 0' in fetch.c, but I don't want
root to have to delete old groups by hand.

	Unless things are done differently in v1.9, I'll just change the
header file and recompile.
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