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Re: Q: local-only groups possible?

Jeff 'Jhola' East wrote:
>         I know that leafnode can't do it right now, but how much work
> would it take to support local-only newsgroups?  Then, would be it
> hard to allow a script or cron job to add messages to that group?

I began to add local group support to leafnode some days ago. It seems
to work fairly well in my place, but I still consider this to be in
alpha stage. 
	I sent the patch to Cornelius. So far I didn't get any feedback 
from him, but I guess he's busy with other things. Right now I'm fixing some
not so nice things and adding some bugs :-) If you really want it, you
can have the patch. But there's no guarantee that Cornelius likes the way I
did it and will merge it into his tree (and of course no guarantee that
it doesn't delete your news spool or crashes your hard disk :-)

Best wishes

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