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Re: Interessantes Mailproblem hast du da... (was Re: Q: local-only

>Arne Wichmann wrote:
>> Also sprach Joerg Dietrich (in <36D9A0B5.BeroList-2.5.2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>):
>> > Wolfgang Ratzka wrote:
>> > > Seh' nur ich eine leere Message?
>> >
>> > No, every time Arne sends a message I only see the header.
>> >
>> > Greetings
>> >       Jo:rg
>> Hm. Maybe a Mozilla problem? Or a mutt problem? Though I would suggest the
>> former, because I can see the contents of the messages. Maybe this changes
>> if I don't sign the messages with pgp.
>Quite definitely a Mozilla problem. (I noticed that I can read the messages
>if I click "View" -> "Page Source".)

exmh, my mailer, doesn't display the messages, either (it will if I turn off 
MIME decoding). I think the messages have corrupt MIME info?

Unfortunately, I deleted them all so can't go back and check. Arne, could you 
send something so we can have a look at the headers?

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