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ANNOUNCE: leafnode-1.9.1

I am happy to announce leafnode-1.9.1 which has been uploaded to

This is a maintenance release. Leafnode-1.9.1 fixes about half a dozen
bugs in 1.9 (see CHANGES for details) and has two little improvements
which hopefully make it work with a wider range of news clients:
- HELP now returns a sensible message
- wildmats are now supported in some of the LIST commands

Many thanks to all of you who provided encouragement, criticism,
bug reports, patches and general comments. If your patch is not
present in this version, don't worry; I have not forgotten it.
(Currently I have 6 patches lying around which I want to merge into

One of the most important changes in this version of leafnode is that,
in accordance with the FHS, the libdir has changed to /etc/leafnode,
so you might want to make a logical link to /usr/lib/leafnode . (This
is not explicitely mentioned in the documentation which was not exactly
clever and will certainly cause a lot of questions, but it is too late


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