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Patch for segfault in leafnode-1.9.2

Hello everybody,

I just found that leafnode-1.9.2 segfaults reproducible if do an
`article <mid>' if you are in the group in which the article is in. This
is due to a call to free() with an argument that is never returned by
malloc, calloc or realloc before.
	Find a patch attached.

Fortune Cookie of the day:
Against stupidity the very gods Themselves contend in vain.
		-- Friedrich von Schiller, "The Maid of Orleans", III, 6

--- nntpd.c.orig	Wed Mar  3 23:36:40 1999
+++ nntpd.c	Wed Mar  3 23:37:15 1999
@@ -414,8 +414,6 @@
     if ( p )
 	free( p );
-    if ( q )
-	free( q );
     sprintf( s, "%3d %lu %s article retrieved - ", 223-what,
 		localartno, localmsgid );