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Re: [LEAFNODE] local newsgroups

Andreas Schamanek wrote:
> If understood the documentation and if I did not miss anything
> it seems to me that it is impossible or at least difficult to
> maintain local newsgroups with leafnode?
> Is there a way to tell leafnode that a particular group is local only
> (i.e. no articles should be fetched, no articles should be posted,
> received articles should be linked into the right directories)?

Currently there is no way of doing this. But I wrote a patch which adds
local group support to leafnode-1.9 and sent it to Cornelius.
Unfortunately the patch obviously introduced a *big* memory leak when
you are posting somewhere and I have no idea where this happens.
However, if you are interested you can have the patch. It is still for
leafnode-1.9 and doesn't apply to 1.9.2. And I'm not going to make a
patch for 1.9.2 within the next 2 or 3 weeks. 


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