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Re: Reducing the amount of logging?

David Gibbs wrote:
> Greetings!
> Does anyone know of a way to reduce the amount of SYSLOGing that occurs?
> I'd really like to have nothing logged at all, unless something bad happens.

You can adjust what gets logged and where it gets logged in
/etc/syslog.conf. leafnode kicks all of it's log messages out under

This is what mine looks like

news.*                                          /usr/adm/news_log
*.=info;*.=notice;news.none                     /usr/adm/messages
*.=debug;news.none                              /usr/adm/debug
*.warn                                          /usr/adm/syslog

This causes warnings to go to syslog for everthing and all other news
messages to go to news_log.
News warnings will get logged to both news_log and syslog.

Greg Weeks

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