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Re: Optionally not querying for new newsgroups?

krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Cornelius Krasel) writes:

> Lloyd Zusman wrote:
> > Is it possible to tell leafnode not to query the upstream server for
> > new newsgroups?
> Not without patching the source code.
> I don't see why this might be desirable. Checking for new newsgroup
> shouldn't last more than a few seconds. If it does, something is
> wrong with your upstream news server and you should probably add
> "nodesc = 1" into your config file.
> Of course I am always open for suggestions :-)

Well, I have a slow and sometimes not-entirely-reliable PPP connection
to the outside world, and sometimes a few seconds multiplies to a
longer period of time.

I'm willing to patch the source code myself to add an option that controls
this, with the default being the current behavior.

 Lloyd Zusman

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