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Problem with 1.9.2

In article <36EC3052.BeroList-2.5.2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Cornelius Krasel <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
>xcitor wrote:
>> After adding a new group tonight:
>[fetch dumps core]

I joined this list after 1.9.2 was released but I have discovered that
nntpd segfaults the first time an ARTICLE command is issued using a
message ID. This is due to free() freeing the same memory twice. This
problem manifests itself when used with Turnpike Connect v4.01 as the

The good news: here's a patch. p and q are pointers; p is the result of
a malloc and q is a copy of p which is then updated. Consequently, only
p should be free()d. This also means that I can confirm that leafnode
works with Turnpike 4.01.


PS I'm sorry if this patch comes out garbled; it is simple enough to
apply by hand if it gets mangled.

*** orig_nntpd.c	Wed Mar  3 12:56:06 1999
--- nntpd.c	Fri Mar  5 16:54:51 1999
*** 414,421 ****
      if ( p )
  	free( p );
-     if ( q )
- 	free( q );
      sprintf( s, "%3d %lu %s article retrieved - ", 223-what,
  		localartno, localmsgid );
--- 414,419 ----

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