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Re: Really slow startup

David Given wrote:

> [...]
> >>From your debug log it appears to me that "nodesc = 1" might not be
> >recognized in your config file. Can you please provide the config file?
> Enclosed.

Thanks. This makes the problem obvious:

(Commentary snipped from config; read it in the config.example file which
 belongs to the leafnode package.)

server = news.demon.co.uk
expire = 20
supplement = news.demon.co.uk
nodesc = 1
supplement = news.demon.co.uk
timeout = 60
maxage = 5
timeout_long = 28
debugmode = 0

Apparently the documentation is not really clear about this. You have
three times the same server, so fetch will try to access the same
server three times. Only for the second time the "nodesc = 1" is
honoured, only for the third time the "timeout = 60" is honoured.
If you delete the "supplement" lines from the config, it should
work just fine.

(And if you can give me a hint on how to improve the docs, I would
 be very grateful.)


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