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Re: Huge numbers of slow, spurious discards ...

>I have `initialfetch' set to an even smaller number: 1 ... but this
>problem still occurs.  According to an earlier post here, this happens
>because `initialfetch' variable is used only for the first server a
>newsgroup is found in.  If multiple servers are being used, and if the
>newsgroup in question appears in more than one of them, the variable
>is ignored for the subsequent servers.

It's going to have to process all the headers, so that it can find out which 
articles to download, regardless of what you do. I usually set expiry to 
something like 1 or 2 the first time I do a sync to prevent it actually 
*downloading* thousands of articles, but it's still going to have to scan the 

You *could* tweak the /var/spool/news/leaf.node/<servername> file so it thinks 
its already processed the articles. You'll need to find what range of article 
numbers the server uses.

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