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Re: Huge numbers of slow, spurious discards ...

"David Given" <david_given@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> [...]
> >I have `initialfetch' set to an even smaller number: 1 ... but this
> >problem still occurs.  According to an earlier post here, this happens
> >because `initialfetch' variable is used only for the first server a
> >newsgroup is found in.  If multiple servers are being used, and if the
> >newsgroup in question appears in more than one of them, the variable
> >is ignored for the subsequent servers.
> [ ... ]
> You *could* tweak the /var/spool/news/leaf.node/<servername> file so
> it thinks its already processed the articles. You'll need to find
> what range of article numbers the server uses.

Well, to have to do this every time a new newsgroup is accessed is a
bit inconvenient.  After all, leafnode tries to automate a lot of this
for you, and this sort of manual tweaking defeats that purpose.  What
I'd prefer to do is to patch the source code to leafnode so that the
`initialfetch' value is applied to each upstream server, not just the
first one ... or to define a new variable for this purpose.

What do you folks think of these ideas?  I'd like to see what the consensus
is here before doing any design, coding, and patching.

 Lloyd Zusman

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