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mail -> local newsgroups

I am subscribed to many mailing lists and would very much like to process
these incoming posts and store them in local newsgroups.  Although I have
found a couple of mail2news programs, they use inews and/or rnews to post
the articles to the local nntp server.  Since leafnode is running my
local nntp server, any articles posted would not be stored in my local
groups, rather they would be placed in the out.going directory for feed
to my upstream nntp server by fetch.  That is NOT what I want to happen.


1.  Is it possible to store local newsgroups alongside of those maintained
    by leafnode and its utilities?

2.  Is anyone doing this?

3.  Can someone point me to a solution or documents to read in order to
    learn enough to find my own solution?

Leafnode is working very nicely for me and the LAST thing that I want
at this point is to interfere with it's smooth operation.  Thanks all.


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