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Re: Welcome to leafnode-list@wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de


I'm a new leafnode user and list subscriber.

Is there a standard place to submit patches or new code for
consideration?  I've added a "report" flag to fetch so that
it can print a summary of its progress in a more succinct
manner than "-vvv".  I've written a companion GUI so that
a user can watch the progress of news downloads -- similar
to how outlook express displays the download dialog.  I'm
also adding code to support "authinfo".

A question:  Is there a way to disallow some groups from
being downloaded, even if they are selected?  Can I just
delete those lines in the active file?  I want to avoid
accidentally subscribing to a group which will automatically
cause a huge download.


PS, I'm moving all my news/mail/browsing over to my linux
partition.  Can someone recommend:

1.  A pop-oriented mailer that supports more than one pop account,
    or advise on other approaches such as fetchmail or fetchpop.

2.  A newsreader.  I prefer text-based (as opposed to netscape
    "collabra", for example), but I would like a way to click on
    a URL and have it load the page in a browser.

Mark Harrison
AsiaInfo Computer Networks             http://usai.asiainfo.com:8080/
Beijing, China / Santa Clara, CA       markh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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