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Re: fetch: connection to upstream server fails

Michael Guertler wrote:
> > 1.Newsserver in /etc/leafnode/config is nes.frankfurt.netsurf.de
>                                           ???

Sorry, that's a typo, It's news.frankfurt.netsurf.de
> > 2.The newsserver is working (tested with Netscape).
> No, it isn't.

Sorry about being stubborn: It is working, tested this time with
Outlook out of Win95

> telnet news.frankfurt.netsurf.de nntp

gives the same message as telnet frankfurt.netsurf.de 119
> > Trying
> > telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Network unreachable
>                                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Your newsserver doesn't exist or there's something wrong with your network
> configuration. This in not a leafnode problem.

If something is wrong with my configuration then how do I send
this mail? Header confirms that it's sent from Linux. And
newsserver exists cause I just d'led news with Outlook from

Thanks Michael, but I'm still at a loss.


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