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Re: fetch: connection to upstream server fails

Michael Guertler wrote:
> > If something is wrong with my configuration then how do I send
> > this mail?
> Easy. You don't need a newsserver to send email.
> But you can't use a Linux newsreader on your machine, can you?

Maybe I did not mention it before: I have Win95 on a small
partition on my machine. Using LILO I can boot into Win, use
Outlook. Or boot Linux and use any newsreader or MUA on Linux.
So, just to test whether the upstream newsserver is working I
bootet into Win, used Outlook and fetched some news. All my
normal internet activities like mail or ftp or browsing the web
is done under Linux.

> Try "route add" ;-)
> or post the output from ifconfig and route. But it's still not a leafnode
> problem.

I found out that you must be right with that. I installed a small
SuSE 5.3 on a spare harddisk and installed leafnode 1.7.1
(leafnode 1.9.2 make exited with error on that system). What
shall I say, it connected to the newsserver right away. Back to
my Mandrake system I removed the complete leafnode 1.9.2 and
installed 1.7.1 and got the same error as before.
But where do I search for a misconfiguration when (as I mentioned
already) all the other network services work perfect?

I may check at a RedHat mailinglist.

Wolfgang thanks for your help

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