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Re: fetch: connection to upstream server fails

Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> Michael Guertler wrote:
> >
> > Try "route add" ;-)
> >
> > or post the output from ifconfig and route. But it's still not a leafnode
> > problem.

Well, here come the experts...

First I want to thank everybody who tried to enlighten my dumb
It was the network configuration in the end. What made me really
angry was the fact that I should have known this!

All I needed was 
/sbin/route add default ippp0

Nothing else. As I may have mentioned before, I spent my last 2
yrs of Linux with SuSE distributions. There you _get_ set up by
YaST and if you don't dig too deep into it you'll never see
something about routing. It's all done with the rc.config and
YaST. Now on RedHat (or Mandrake) I recognize what I have to
But that's one of the reasons I changed from SuSE to Redhat.
Otherwise I should've stayed with Windows all the time (maybe
that's too harsh but I guess you get the point).

Anyway, since I set the default route fetch is getting all I

AND I got isdnlog working for the first time today as I want it.
Now I'm a happy Linuxer!


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