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Any feedback about my scoring patches?

Several days ago I posted some patches for leafnode-1.9.2 which enable
a simple scoring-based mechanism for the filter file which would work
as a superset of the current filtering functionality.  I haven't seen
or received any feedback about these patches, and so I'm wondering if
they actually got propagated properly to the mailing list (at least I
got the email, myself), and if anyone has tried and evaluated them

If any of you have seen this patch in the mailing list, even if you
haven't evaluated it, could you send me some private email at my
return address, so at least I know that my patches have gotten
properly propagated through this list?

And, of course, if anyone has actually *tried* the patches, I'd love
to know how this new filtering methodology might have worked for you.

Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman

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