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Re: Any feedback about my scoring patches?

On 25 Mar 1999, Lloyd Zusman wrote:

I saw the patch - haven't had a chance to try it out yet...


> Several days ago I posted some patches for leafnode-1.9.2 which enable
> a simple scoring-based mechanism for the filter file which would work
> as a superset of the current filtering functionality.  I haven't seen
> or received any feedback about these patches, and so I'm wondering if
> they actually got propagated properly to the mailing list (at least I
> got the email, myself), and if anyone has tried and evaluated them
> yet.
> If any of you have seen this patch in the mailing list, even if you
> haven't evaluated it, could you send me some private email at my
> return address, so at least I know that my patches have gotten
> properly propagated through this list?
> And, of course, if anyone has actually *tried* the patches, I'd love
> to know how this new filtering methodology might have worked for you.
> Thanks in advance.

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