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re: your leafnode mailing list post 5/3/99

] noticed your post on 5th March with the subject line "pine4.05/leafnode1.9.2
] problem (includes logs)". i am having the same problem. did you find a
] cure for it?

	No.  I've been using a different newsreader instead (knews -
works, but creates log-error messages). I've been busy with KDE,
ghostscript, and a new printer, so haven't looked into it. I've been
hoping a newer version of leafnode will be different, but I may just go
back to v1.8.1.

	If you can read my logs, it looks like pine sends 'stat' messages
to the daemon to see if all is still working.  You might alter the
leafnode source (a timeout maybe) to keep that open (not sure where to
look though), or alter pine source to stop that.  Not sure.
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