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[leafnode-list] Re: Reading newsgroups descriptions failed

Jim Skelton wrote:

> I have just installed  leafnode 1.9.2    from a binary rpm package but
> am having trouble getting it to fetch news groups:


> But when I try to use fetch I get the following errors:
> bash$ /usr/sbin/fetch -fvvvv
> 1.9.2: verbosity level is 4
> Trying to connect to news.u-net.com ... connected.
> Getting all newsgroups from news.u-net.com
> Reading newsgroups descriptions failed.

This doesn't look good. Can you please provide a debug log?

(I think the reason is that the news server software that is used by
 your provider is broken, but I want to double-check to be sure. I
 have come across this once before. If I am correct, I can provide
 you with a patch.)


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