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Re: [leafnode-list] weird message from fetch

Wolfgang Bornath wrote:

> Having leafnode 1.9.2 up and running smoothly since a couple of
> days I found one message today which I can't understand:
> In /var/log/messages during a d'l from my ISP's newsserver:
> fetch[1362]: netsurf.frankfurt.announce: last seen article was
> 96, server now has 96-94 
> No articles were d'led for this group.
> what does it mean (I understand english, so pls no translation;-)

There are two possibilities.

1) Your upstream server changed its numbering scheme

2) You fell victim of a bug in all leafnode versions up to (and including)

Since I suspect the latter problem, I'll give a more succint description.
To remember which articles were already fetched, fetch stores the number
of the last article fetched in a file /var/spool/news/leaf.node/[news.server].
The algorithm to retrieve these numbers is too simple. It fails when a
newsgroup name is completely contained in another newsgroup name. For
example, if you want to read the two newsgroups "comp.os.linux.announce"
and "linux.announce", the algorithm will fail if comp.os.linux.announce
appears in this file before linux.announce, because it will retrieve
the comp.os.linux.announce line for both newsgroups. This results in
odd messages and the linux.announce group being virtually empty.

I have a fix for the problem, and it will be in the next version
(which will be either 1.10 or 2.0; I am not yet sure...).


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