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[leafnode-list] new beta version of leafnode

If you dare to try out beta software, you might want to get the
latest beta version of leafnode, leafnode-1.10 beta2. Compared to
1.10 beta1, this version fixes (hopefully all) problems with
capitalized newsgroup names. If your newsreader complains about
groups not available on the server (like my old version of tin
does), try to subscribe to the same group in lower-case names.

E.g. if you subscribed to SEMI.capitalized.NeWs.group and your
reader complains, try subscribing to semi.capitalized.news.group

Please do not distribute this version and report bugs or strange
things back to me.


/* Cornelius Krasel, U Wuerzburg, Dept. of Pharmacology, Versbacher Str. 9 */
/* D-97078 Wuerzburg, Germany   email: phak004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  SP4 */
/* "Science is the game we play with God to find out what His rules are."  */

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