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Re: [leafnode-list] Seg.fault and min.lines in config

Anders Gulden Olstad wrote:

> I'm not sure if you have discussed this before - but I recently reinstalled
> leafnode 1.9.2. I made some changes in my $LIBDIR/config, where I 
> enabled the "minline = 2" option. 
> When running fetch, I encountered a lot of seg. faults when getting articles,
> which was not overrided with repeated "fetch"'s, according to the README
> solution.

This is a bug in 1.9.2 which happens when the articles fetched do not
contain any "Lines:" headers. fetch tries to evaluate the non-existant
header, crashing blissfully.

The problem is already fixed in the current beta, and will hopefully
remain fixed in the stable version (whenever it will be released :-).


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