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[leafnode-list] fetch "report" option and fetch GUI

Sorry for the delay in responding, I made this big mistake:
"I'll make the modifications and *then* put it in CVS..." :-/

I have added a patch to fetch to allow a -r "report" option.
This option shows the progress of message downloading, like
a nicely formatted version of "-v".

The report protocol is well defined, so it is amenable to
use for a front-end fetch GUI.  This was the original motivation,
since I have a really *slow* news link from China to my ISP in

You can grab the patch and two new files are at:

Cornelius Krasel <krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I'm also adding code to support "authinfo".
>I am confused. Does leafnode not support authinfo already?

It supports while fetching, but not while operating as a NNTP
server, is that right?  Our company policy is "everything that
accesses the internet needs a personal login/password", and I
thought it was easier to add "authinfo" than change our policy.

I've got the authinfo patche untangled now, and will post soon.
It implements the protocol, but currently allows any
name/password combination.

BTW, I like leafnode so much I use it twice:  Once to fetch news
from my ISP to our internal network, and then once again to my


Mark Harrison                       "Open the floppy disk door, Hal."
AsiaInfo Computer Networks          http://usai.asiainfo.com:8080/
Beijing, China / Santa Clara, CA    markh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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