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Re: [leafnode-list] fehlendes post

Martin Strasser wrote:

[most of it snipped because it is in German. Basically, he thinks that
 he cannot configure fetch as he would like to. He wants to post through
 his local server but read news from another server.]

> Wenn ich folgenerdemassen configuriere:  
> server = news.uni-stuttgart.de 
> supplement = news.uni-regensburg.de
> dann werden postings an Stuttgart gesand, aber nicht angenommen.

This is incorrect. Version 1.9.2 of leafnode determines of each server
(not only the main server but also the supplements) whether posting
is allowed or not. Since news.uni-stuttgart.de doesn't allow you to post,
it will post only through news.uni-regensburg.de but get most of your
news from news.uni-stuttgart.de (only the articles which regensburg
has but stuttgart has not are fetched from regensburg).

--Cornelius (back from South France).

/* Cornelius Krasel, U Wuerzburg, Dept. of Pharmacology, Versbacher Str. 9 */
/* D-97078 Wuerzburg, Germany   email: phak004@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  SP4 */
/* "Science is the game we play with God to find out what His rules are."  */

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