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Re: [leafnode-list] Leafnode 1.9.2 bug?

tmcd@xxxxxxxx (Tim McDaniel) wrote:

> Last night, I subscribed to the list and sent the following.  Since I
> have not seen it, I'll take the liberty of sending it again.  If this
> is a duplicate, my apologies.  Please e-mail me privately if this got
> onto the list.

It did :-)

> I believe I have discovered a bug in leafnode 1.9.2, or at least a bad
> interaction between it and trn 3.6 (20 Nov 1994, distributed with
> RedHat Linux 5.2).

What you describe is indeed a bug. If you want to try a "better" version
and are not afraid of betas, try leafnode-1.10beta2, available from


Be aware that this version contains at least the following bugs:

1) Doesn't compile on SCO Unix 5.0.4 (problems with the new filterutil.c
   produced by flex). It might be possible to fix this by simply removing
   filterutil.l and relying on the filterutil.c that is provided. 

2) rnews doesn't work properly (i.e. it crashes at times).

3) Lots of warnings during compilation time.

4) Still truncates groupinfo file if news spool overflows.

5) Bug in rfctime() which I haven't had time to fix.

6) Crashes of fetch with certain messages (irreproducible, apparently
   not compiler-dependent) ?

7) delaybody doesn't work any more.

8) ./configure doesn't work anymore with Redhat 6.0.

(I don't think I forgot anything else... sigh)


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