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Re: [leafnode-list] Bug in fetch?

kwalker@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> On 24 May, Cornelius Krasel wrote:
> > I am not sure whether I completely understand you. These files store
> > the newsgroups that your users are interested in, together with the
> > last article number+1 that was seen in this newsgroup on the respective
> > upstream server when fetch was running the last time. If a newsgroup
> > is not found, the number is 0.
> Right.  However, each one is showing ALL the groups that my users read,
> not the ones that are on that server.  Additionally, when I added the
> server, it didn't pull any groups from it (and mark 'em as new) until I
> completely deleted all news.* files and groupinfo and forced a complete
> update.

Yup, this is a known problem in 1.9.2. If you add a new server, you
have to force re-reading of the groupinfo file. It will be gone in
the next version (except if it creeps back in; the current beta works
as intended). The reason that these contain ALL groups is that this
makes querying newsgroups somewhat easier and it generates not much
additional NNTP traffic. (One unnecessary GROUP command per line.)

The other possibility would be to maintain for each server a complete
groupinfo file which in my opinion does make less sense because it
needs much more disk space.


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