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Re: [leafnode-list] Moving a spool folder

>"tar" can copy files, directories, symbolic links, et cetera,
>and preserve their structure.  The "tar" man page may show you
>how to do it.  I have a moderately complicated script to do it,
>and I will append it.

But does it check for *hard* links? AFAIK, file systems don't distinguish between ordinary files and hard links, they're just directory entries that point to the same inodes as other directory entries. Leafnode relies on these, IIRC. The tar man page doesn't refer to hard links at all.

..I tried previously running Leafnode with the database on a UMSDOS partition, which doesn't support hard links. It died, horribly. The database just got more and more corrupt until I had to wipe it. As I know have several users for my news server, I'd rather not do this.

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