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Re: [leafnode-list] Moving a spool folder

David Given wrote:

> >"tar" can copy files, directories, symbolic links, et cetera,
> >and preserve their structure.  The "tar" man page may show you
> >how to do it.  I have a moderately complicated script to do it,
> >and I will append it.
> But does it check for *hard* links? AFAIK, file systems don't distinguish
> between ordinary files and hard links, they're just directory entries that
> point to the same inodes as other directory entries. Leafnode relies on
> these, IIRC. The tar man page doesn't refer to hard links at all.

cp -a should preserve hardlinks, at least according to the manpage,
which says:

1) cp -a is equivalent to cp -dpR

2) cp -d
              Copy symbolic links as symbolic links  rather  than
              copying  the files that they point to, and preserve
              hard link relationships between source files in the

Disclaimer: I've never tried this :-p


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