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Re: [leafnode-list] leafnode and uucp?

Burkhard Kohl wrote:

> I am running a small leaf site - news are fetched via uucp and
> administered by cnews. I am considering migrating to leafnode sometime 
> but would like to make a somewhat smooth transition. Therefore I
> thought of first running leafnode as nntpserver over my existing cnews
> installation, getting the feed still via uucp. Is that possible at all? 

Not with the currently stable 1.9.2. The current beta (1.10b2) contains
a rnews program that sorts news into the spool. From what I've seen in
my inbox, it has at least one bug: it crashes if a news article with the same 
message id is already found in the spool (Joerg Dietrich found this).
While the problem should be fairly straightforward to locate, I don't
currently have the possibility to do it (reading email from Glasgow is ok,
but debugging programs I'd rather not want to do). On the other hand, I
would like to hear of more people trying to use the 1.10b2 with UUCP, so
I won't discourage you too strongly from using it :-)


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