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[leafnode-list] Caching...how?

Dont want to make you guys waste too much time on me, but any help would
be much appreciated.

I am a newbie with this kind of product (news server) but I had a crazy
idea to take news posts from job to home (where I still dont have
Internet access). Suggestion was Leafnode, so I promptly rolled up my
sleeves to put it on my oldy p100. It is running now on his port, and my
tin newsreader acedes to it...but now I have two questions:

1) how do I make a filter for the newsgroups I want it to get from the

2) where is the cache? the man pages talk about
/var/spool/news/alt/foo/bar/ as the way to keep it...but dunno
how...shall I make them at hand?

Thanks in advance

\       Esoterica - Novas Tecnologias de Informacao, SA
:-)     Vitor Colaco    	Company Tech Support
/___,   vcolaco@xxxxxxxxxxxx        http://www.esoterica.pt/

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