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Re: [leafnode-list] Caching...how?

>I am a newbie with this kind of product (news server) but I had a crazy
>idea to take news posts from job to home (where I still dont have
>Internet access). Suggestion was Leafnode, so I promptly rolled up my
>sleeves to put it on my oldy p100. It is running now on his port, and my
>tin newsreader acedes to it...but now I have two questions:
>1) how do I make a filter for the newsgroups I want it to get from the

Just read one. Leafnode will notice that you're interested in it, and start 
fetching articles ASAP. It'll keep fetching articles until it decides that 
you're no longer interested. The only thing you have to tell it is where to 
get the articles from.

>2) where is the cache? the man pages talk about
>/var/spool/news/alt/foo/bar/ as the way to keep it...but dunno
>how...shall I make them at hand?

No, it'll make everything automatically.

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