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Re: [leafnode-list] Caching...how?

On  4 Jun, Vitor Colaco wrote:
> 1) how do I make a filter for the newsgroups I want it to get from the
> peer?	

You don't use a filter for the newsgroups.  Leafnode figures out which
newsgroups you/your users want and downloads them automatically.

> 2) where is the cache? the man pages talk about
> /var/spool/news/alt/foo/bar/ as the way to keep it...but dunno
> how...shall I make them at hand?

The cache is generally under /var/spool/news (but can be elsewhere)
where groups are kept under there (e.g. alt.foo.bar becomes
(PREFIX)/alt/foo/bar.  Leafnode creates these automatically for you as

How does it know what groups to automatically pull?  Well, the first
time you run it, it will pull a list of ALL the groups on your
preferred news server(s) (About 20k groups on my server).  Then, when
you read your news from your local leafnode, you will be able to
subscribe to groups at your leasure.  When you see a group you want,
you subscribe to it and (preferably) read the placeholder message. 
That tells the server that you want to read that group.  It will then
start downloading it the next time fetch is run.  If you stop reading a
group, the server will stop fetching that group after a pre-determined
time (seven days I believe is the default).

All the settings are in the leafnode config file (on my system:
/etc/leafnode/config).  I'd recommend taking a look at the sample one
that is either in the RPM/DEB or the TARball.

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