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Re: [leafnode-list] Problems expiring

Martin Skjöldebrand wrote:
> >>>>> "kwalker" == kwalker  <kwalker@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>     kwalker> On 6 Jun, Martin Skjöldebrand wrote:
>     >> I'm having problems expiring a group.  I've set the group
>     >> expire to 5 days but when I run texpire it still doesn't touch
>     >> the group. I've got c.1300 messages there now - which is a bit
>     >> irritating.
>     kwalker> I've got the same problem.  Some of my more popular
>     kwalker> spools hang around a lot longer than they're supposed to.
>     kwalker> I haven't had a chance to look into why, but I think I've
>     kwalker> figured out a workaround.
>     kwalker> texpire -f
>     kwalker> That seems to take care of it.
> I ran texpire -vvv -f and it kept all messages.
> What is the high (water?) level? And how do I adjust it.
> It has stuck at c 1300 and apparently won't delete messages if the are
> less than that.

First of all, contrary to the documentation, texpire is not very good at
expiring threads (although it makes some attempt at it: if a message in
a thread is not expired, also some of the messages in the References:
line will not be expired).

texpire works on atime and mtime basis. When reading an article, the mtime
of the article is adjusted. texpire honours this time, and only if you have
not read the article for some time, it will be expired. This time can be
adjusted globally by setting "expire" in the config file; if you want to
change it only for one group, use "groupexpire" instead.

texpire -f does not honour the mtime, but only the time when the article
was actually downloaded. This is necessary, for example, when you do
regular backups of your newsspool, since most backup software will modify
the mtime of the article files.

texpire does not care how many articles are in a group.

Some of this is also explained in the documentation to leafnode (in the
README file, section TROUBLESHOOTING, problem "texpire does not expire


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