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Re: [leafnode-list] Permissions

Jeff Grossman wrote:
> Thanks for the help.  Would you mind explaining a little of what you said?
> chmod g+w failed.postings.  I guess this makes the group writable?  Is that
> what the g and w stand for?
>     chmod u=rw,go=r mydata
>     chmod a+x myscript

I also don't use the octal form. As soon as you remember what
`read, write and execute' stand for in english language, you can
easyly remember ho to change permissions.

`chmod g+w file' means:  you add (+) writing permission (w) to

`chmod u=rw,go=r mydata' means: you give(=) read(r) and Write(w)
permission to the user(u) and you give read(r) permission to
group(g) and all others(o).

`chmod a+x myscript' means you add(+) execute(x) permission to
all(a). That's how you make a script executable.

Bother to read man-pages? In KDE type ALT-F2 and write man:chmod
On the console or in xterm write `man chmod' [Enter]

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