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Re: [leafnode-list] Permissions (more)

Timothy A. McDaniel wrote:

> Excuse me if I'm getting off-topic, but the comment from
> Vitor Colaco <vcolaco@xxxxxxxxxxxx> made me curious:
> what is "leafnode+"?

Leafnode+ is another branch of leafnode which was started by Kazushi
Marukawa when Arnt didn't show any reaction to patches for 1.4 sent to
him (probably because he was too busy with other things). It has several
advantages and disadvantages compared to leafnode. (I remember compiling
a list of them; if somebody is interested, I can mail it to the group.)

Kazushi and I have been talking about merging the two versions, but so far the
only thing that has indeed been merged is texpire. (It appears to me that even
this merger will be undone in the next version of leafnode, since it will
contain additions that have not made their way into leafnode+, apparently,
although Kazushi is aware of them.) The URL for leafnode+ is


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